How to add animated text in a Live Stream?

Animated Text in a Live Stream
Animated Text in a Live Stream

How to add text in a Live Stream?

We like to move it, move it, you like to… move it!
Do you want to add some action to your text and let it move?
Try out the newly added feature on LiveReacting: Animated Text.

Animated text drives attention to the essential part of your message, delivering your main idea in the most precise and most effective way.

What’s Available?

Text Animation Types

1. Scroll


2. Zoom


3. Piano


4. Fade Out


5. Flip


You can also adjust the speed of the animation, as well as its direction. Besides that, as usual, you can designate a separate style for the animated text, set different colors and typography, add shadows and background.

Why Using Animated Text?

  • Focus viewers on what’s important
  • Make your graphics more notable
  • Increase conversions

How Does It Work?

Click on the “New Layer” ➡️ Select “Text” ➡️ Choose “Animated Text” ➡️ Adjust animation type in the right sidebar.


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