How to live stream pre-recorded videos on Telegram?

Go live on Telegram with a pre-recorded video
Go live on Telegram with a pre-recorded video

Live streaming on Telegram is one of the best strategies to grab attention and communicate more effectively with your audience. You can be an influencer, a business, or an admin of a community; a live stream will help you create a strong bond with your audience and improve your social presence. Sometimes, there's no possibility of doing a live video, as it often requires a lot of preparation and causes stress and fear of making mistakes 'on the go'. Or, sometimes, your audience is based in a different time zone, and it's not convenient for you to go live at that hour. This is when the availability of secure and user-friendly cloud-based tools comes in help. This tutorial shows how to go live on Telegram via LiveReacting Studio.

Why Live Stream Pre-Recorded video on Telegram?

  • Go live without actually being live (your pre-recorded video will be shown live).
  • No technical glitches if your internet connection is unstable.
  • You can slightly edit your content before exposing it to your audience.
  • Deliver a high-quality streaming experience.
  • Allows going live more often as it requires less preparation.

Why LiveReacting is the best tool for streaming a pre-recorded video on Telegram?

LiveReacting is specialized in streaming pre-recorded videos and has over 3oo,000 live videos published by its users. LiveReacting eliminates the need for technical skills or software installation to stream pre-recorded videos to social media platforms. Besides being efficient, simple, and user-friendly, the platform allows customizing any stream within a few clicks, which helps to make your stream look professional and stand out from your competitors. The platform offers the following features, which you can use in Telegram live broadcast:

  • Add a logo in your Telegram Live
  • Add a watermark in Telegram Live
  • Add an overlay or a lower third in Telegram Live
  • Invite a guest in Telegram Live
  • Add a countdown before or during your Telegram Live

What is needed to go live on Telegram?

Make sure to create a channel or a group in Telegram. To be able to stream, you need to be the owner/admin of the channel or a group.

How to live stream a pre-recorded video to Telegram?

Step 1. Click on streaming icon in your Telegram channel and select Stream with...

Step 2. Copy Telegram Server URL and Stream Key. Don't close these settings, as you'd need to access them again to click Start Streaming after you set up your stream in the LiveReacting.

Step 3. Go to your LiveReacting Studio and upload your video. Please note, Telegram supports only a landscape format.

Step 4. Open LiveReacting Settings and add a Custom Telegram RTMP channel.

Step 5. Paste the copied stream key and server URL in the appropriate fields and click Connect.

Step 6. Scroll down, click Save, and press GO LIVE button. Then go to your Telegram and click Start Streaming. Now your stream is live.

Step 7. When you want to end the stream, you'll have to click END Stream button in the LiveReacting Studio and your Telegram channel.

In conclusion, this is how to start a live stream on Telegram with a pre-recorded video. In average, it takes about 12-17 minutes for new users to set up a prerecorded live stream on Telegram via LiveReacting. The platform offers 24/7 customer support, what means than you can get help and receive answers to questions as soon as they come up in real-time in the live chat on our website.

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