Trivia Game Big Update

Customized Trivia Game
Customized Live Trivia Game

Live Trivia Game Features

In this article, we will have a detail look at one of the most powerful tools from our arsenal - the Trivia Game. It's an excellent tool for increasing organic involvement in Live Stream.

Games - it's the perfect way to engage your audience. They are very popular these days, especially knowledge app games, like Wordscapes, Words with Friends, Trivia Today. In summary, they have 22,7 million active users each month.

22,7 millions of fans of simple, knowledge trivia games. Why don't you play with them using Live Stream? Choose questions by topics from our library, or add yours, set the comfortable timing for answers and customize the game by your taste. You are ready to go!

Trivia Game for Live Streaming

Imagine that you can make a Trivia game with automated questions inside your live stream. Imagine also that you can add webcam, external audio devices, and background music from your PC. These technical features are impressive. But let's look at these features from another angle.

For example, you have a Facebook page with one million users. But Facebook wants you to pay for the ad's to reach them all. In the case of 1 mln subscribers, Facebook will show your content only for 5% of them. But using an interactive live stream, for example, Trivia Game, you can reach all 100%. So, how it's working.

First, you need to create your live stream game

  1. Go to LiveReacting Studio

2. Find in our library the Trivia Game template. We have two options, with a host or without it. In our example, we will take a template with a host.

3. This is how the blank template looks like. In the right corner, you will see the window with the game, in the left section place for the host. To turn on the camera, you need to click on a black square and choose the device, don't forget to select also your audio equipment, but you can do it later.

Blank Template
Blank Template

4. To start editing your trivia game, click on the right part of the screen, where it's located. Or click on the appropriate layer. Here we have two options: "Questions config" and "Game appearance" config.

Editing Trivia Game
Editing Trivia Game

5. Let's start with the questions. In our questions library, we have 24 topics from general to specific, like science or even cartoons. You can pick the level of each topic from Easy to Hard or choose any. LiveReacting supports up to 50 questions. Of course, you can fill all the questions and answers manually, by any topic you want, or even generate random questions by clicking generate new questions button.

Trivia Game Questions

6. After you saved all the questions, we will go to game appearance config where we can set Titles, subtitles, logos, colors, backgrounds, timing per round and other settings that we will look closely next.

Trivia Game Appearance 

7. The first block named "Start screen" have Title and Subtitle fields, timer, font color, and of course, background picture. Here you will set up your custom start screen that will have countdown till the game start. There is how it looks.

Trivia Game Configuration
Trivia Game Configuration

Btw, for a preview of all of your visual settings, you need to click on the top right corner of the trivia game window. You can see the "Start screen," "Round screen," "Round results," and "Game result."

Trivia Game Preview
Trivia Game Preview

8. "Round" and "Round end" (Results) have the same functions as the start screen, so we will skip straight to the end screen of the game. This is the main result screen of all competition. Here you can choose by how the algorithm will select the winners, how much they will be. But the super thing we have here it's "exclude" option, where you can add people and their votes will be ignored.

Edit Settings
Edit Settings

Now we almost ready to go live, customize your Trivia Game with the logo if you want, and we are prepared to go Live!

Tip: To have more players in your Trivia Game, we highly recommend to click a "schedule" option. With this function, Facebook will automatically create an event for your live stream, and people will see an announcement when your game will start.
Exclude Players
Exclude Players

You're done! You need to click "Go Live" when you have your scheduled time come.

Here are a few variations on how you can use Trivia Game for your business:

Sponsored contests:
As you know contests in social media by itself is a pretty popular way to gain more activity to your page. It's working and proven in years way to have more page likes, comments, and shares. We reinvented the idea of making it on Facebook. Now you don't need to write something like "Like, Comment, Share" and use third party randomizers to define the winner. All that you need is a list of questions and prizes. LiveReacting trivia game will choose the winner automatically by amount of correct answers or random. And don't forget that live streams get more views than regular posts and videos.

Game show:
Do you have a Fb page with highly specialized content? Add to your content plan 1 or 2 trivia game in a week by your topic. Fresh and entertaining content for your subscribers and more involvement for your page guaranteed. Memes contests, music trivia, product knowledge contests, etc.

FB page for Trivia Gameshow:
Always had a dream to have your own "who wants to be a millionaire" show? With our trivia game template, you can run similar shows on your  FB page using LiveStream.
Create a FB page,
Think up your show name, concept, and design.
Make as much trivia games as you wish by specific topic related to your show concept.
Do you remember how much time you spend watching this show? Now you can create your own!

The new features and possibilities of LiveReacting Trivia Game:

  1. You can split the screen and add real host via webcam or just audio
  2. From now, all projects will save automatically. It means that you have a chance to prepare all questions, set it in the game, and save for later. This way you can schedule a list of games for the next month or more.
  3. You can see the list of winners on our website -
  4. More options for custom designs. With the latest update, you can switch colors for almost every element in the game.
  5. Better intelligent algorithms. Now we are faster and more accurate.
  6. Now we have "ignore" lists. For example, if you want to set a series of games and don't want to see people who were participating in previous rounds. You need to add these people to ignore the group.

Try them all right now at -> Trivia game with host