5 ideas to grow your business using Facebook Live (examples attached)

Live Streaming Ideas to Grow Your Business
Live Video Content Ideas

Boost Sales with Facebook Live

You probably know that live video content is number one trend to influence digital marketing in 2017. And if we're talking about going live, Facebook still remains one of best and simplest solutions to make it happen. There're few reasons why Facebook Lives should become your focus strategy for social media marketing.

It's privileged. Facebook spent tons of investments to launch this feature so it's obvious that lives in Facebook become more likely to be showcased in users' news feed than simple content. As we all also know, videos have more preference and play automatically while you scroll your feed. Why not to start using this benefit to get to your audience?

It's fast and simple. Just one click and you're on air. In addition, it takes less time, money and other resources to prepare, comparing to traditional video content.

It's interactive. And has way a lot creative ways to be used. Using it smart you have a perfect tool to engage the audience and grow a business.

We've defined few more or less creative ideas of using Facebook Live that proved their efficiency. You can test them all or define those ones that are most suitable and relevant for your business case. However, general rules of going live remain the same for any types of streams and business pages.

Broadcasting your special events or activities.

Schedule an event or webinar and let your followers know u'll be live. Let your fans share the moment online wherever they are. Check how Dallas Fort Worth International Airport did it for #DFWBillionth Customer Shopping Spree.

Host a Q&A or interview.

Instead of publishing an article or blog post, go live from your Facebook page. Initiate your audience to ask, set a dialog and interact online. To make clarifications or share some thoughts live is a good idea as well.

Show your corporate backstage.

Unveiling some exclusive staff can be exciting for your followers. Make a live office tour, stream some daily routine or broadcast some part of working processes. Let your customers be closer, don't afraid to be a bit funny and increase brand loyalty.

Launch your products and updates.

Whatever your business is about, you can always use live to spread the word about something new and cool you're releasing. Sometimes this kind of live launches can be more sales encouraging than special press conferences and events. Live launch give a space to present a product or feature, answer questions of real customers and communicate immediate call-to-action.

Interact with followers and entertain them.

We've recently talked about how you can use interactive live games for your business pages. Ask your audience what they think, set a poll or voting or even live countdown for your event:

Try it out and share your cases in comments!

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