Marketing Twitter accounts worth a follow

Twitter accounts to follow
Twitter accounts to follow

The list of Twitter accounts to follow:

Twitter seems to be an ocean. A mass of information daily produced by its users can be only compared to something this huge. But how not to "sink" in those tons of tweets and get as much useful content as possible? LiveReacting found 7 no-bullshit Twitter accounts that talk about all-around-marketing and give you 100% value. Check it out and enrich your following list!

Robert Rose

Personal account of startup and business marketing advisor. Daily portion of high quality links to various content. A must-read for those who want to improve their knowledge on Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing.

Lee Odden

CEO of TopRank Marketing, an expert in Influencer Marketing, PR and Social Media. Follow his Twitter not to miss latest tips and hints about working with influencers and be updated about last marketing news.

Simon Kemp

Follow Simon for insights about data-driven marketing. Constantly providing statistics, reports and just interesting thoughts on marketing.

Maher Jaber

BrandFIT's CEO account. He posts one article daily so it's a good point if you don't like to be lost in tons of tweets and links. All of post are mainly about Social Media marketing, news and latest updates.

Marketing Guru

Interesting account that's tweeting about digital marketing, Internet, Social Media, content, blogging, tech and startups. Follow them to enjoy amazing and informative infographics.

Haleigh Ryan

New, but already promising, account of BrandFIT's Digital Marketing Associate. So far she've been sharing a lot of interesting content on marketing to Millennials, general management topics and Social Media. Keep an eye on it not to miss updates.


Corporate Twitter account of PromoRepublic, service for social media marketing automatization. A mixture of marketing insights and inspirational posts ideas. 100% positive vibes :)

And what are your favorite accounts? Share your list!

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