Live Countdown: Best Practices to Drive Sales this October

Streaming Live Countdown
Streaming Live Countdown

Stream a Countdown Timer

What is a Live Countdown?⏰

It's a timer that ticks backward to a specific date/time. You can stream a countdown as a separate unit or insert it into your live video before your broadcast officially begins.

🤫 P.s. Live stream doesn't mean that you have to stream a real-time content. You can add a countdown on any video/image background and stream as if it is live.

Why Live Countdown in a live stream is a YES?🤩

⚡They grab user's attention more effectively than photo & regular video

Users consume so much content daily that your usual content marketing efforts can be left unnoticed. That's where Live Countdown steps in - it is much more dynamic than a static photo and gives a more authentic vibe than a regular video. Not only it can be tailored to your brand, but it's also different from what most people are used to, so why blend in while you can stand out a get more engagement?

⚡Engage users with your product/service

Quality engagement with your audience creates brand loyalty and drives sales. What's the best way to do that? Live stream facilitates two-way communication and creates a deeper connection with your audience.

⚡Create urgency and encourage sales

When you stream a live countdown to the end of your Sale/Promotion/Offer, you create urgency that motivates indecisive customers to purchase as soon as possible before time runs out.

So, what are the possible formats?⚙️

Let's brainstorm some ideas!🧠💡

🎃 Stream a countdown on any photo or video background.
Example: A countdown is ticking down to the end of Big Sale.

🎃 Stream a countdown on top of any live video (using a webcam).
Example: A countdown is ticking down while you're talking about limited-time promotion (using your webcam and mic).

🎃 Stream a countdown before your live show kicks in.
Example: Once the countdown is over, you start presenting details about your seasonal sale (using your webcam and mic).

🎃 Stream a countdown before your live pre-recorded video.
Example: Once the countdown is over, a pre-recorded video with your sale kicks in.

🎃 Stream a countdown after your live or pre-recorded video.
Example: A countdown to the end of the sale begins once you've finished announcing your deal.

How to stream a live countdown?🤓

Here is a detailed tutorial, but in case you’ve got no time and want to know the entire process, it’s pretty easy:

1️⃣ Sign up/Log in to LiveReacting
2️⃣ Choose any customizable countdown template
3️⃣ Adjust colors, backgrounds, time, etc. (Just like in Photoshop)
4️⃣ Connect your Facebook page/group/events or Youtube page (or multiple pages)
5️⃣ Schedule your live countdown

👻 New users typically spend around 11-16 to set up and launch their first countdown.

Live Countdown use cases for some inspiration:

AirAsia launched a short countdown to a live sale:

Live Facebook Countdown
Live Facebook Countdown

Amazon India streamed a countdown for 4 hours to announce big sale:

Live Countdown Amazon India
Live Countdown Amazon India

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