100 Funny Trivia Questions with Answers [2024 Edition]

100 Funny Trivia Questions with Answers [2024 Edition]
100 Funny Trivia Questions with Answers [2024 Edition]

Get ready to tickle your brain and laugh out loud with our 2024 edition of the "100 Funny Trivia Questions with Answers!" Who said learning couldn't be fun? We've compiled a hilarious mix of quirky facts, absurd oddities, and plain silly statements to put your general knowledge to the ultimate test. Whether you're hosting an unconventional trivia night, sparking more fun at family dinners, or just looking to entertain your own curious mind, these 100 questions spanning various topics promise a combination of chuckles and "aha!" moments.

At the end of this article, along with the trivia dose, we’re providing an easy-to-follow guide on how to stream a trivia game on Facebook. Running a quiz on your personal Facebook page or streaming a trivia session on your Facebook business page not only entertains your friends to no end but also serves as an interactive and engaging tool to grow your audience.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of fun facts and hearty laughter? Let's dive right into it!

Funny Trivia Questions with Answers
Funny Trivia Questions with Answers
  1. What is a group of unicorns known as?
    A. A herd
    B. A shimmer✅
    C. A crowd
    D. A rainbow
  2. Where were fortune cookies invented?
    A. China
    B. Japan✅
    C. USA
    D. France
  3. What is the fear of fun called?
    A. Phobophobia
    B. Cherophobia✅
    C. Hilarophobia
    D. Funophobia
  4. Which country invented ice cream?
    A. USA
    B. Italy
    C. France
    D. China✅
  5. Which animal sleeps the most?
    A. Sloth
    B. Cat
    C. Koala✅
    D. Bat
  6. Where is it illegal to frown at cows?
    A. Australia
    B. Canada
    C. USA✅
    D. UK
  7. Which ancient people invented the toothbrush?
    A. Romans
    B. Egyptians✅
    C. Greeks
    D. Africans
  8. What is the national animal of Scotland?
    A. Horse
    B. Bull
    C. Unicorn✅
    D. Lion
  9. What famous comedian was once a farmhand in Indiana?
    A. Bill Murray✅
    B. Steve Martin
    C. Jim Carrey
    D. Eddie Murphy
  10. What did Alfred Hitchcock fear?
    A. Birds
    B. Heights
    C. Eggs✅
    D. Clowns
  1. In the quirky town of Boring, the pairing with another differently named town is known as what?
    A. Boring and Interesting
    B. Boring and Exciting
    C. Boring and Dull✅
    D. Boring and Vivid
  2. What did the ancient Romans use as a mouthwash?
    A. Saltwater
    B. Vinegar
    C. Wine
    D. Urine✅
  3. What does a turophile love?
    A. Cars
    B. Turtles
    C. Cheese✅
    D. Tower
  4. In the Pac-Man video game, what is the name of the pink ghost?
    A. Blinky
    B. Pinky✅
    C. Inky
    D. Clyde
  5. In what month are the most ice cream cones sold in the U.S.?
    A. July
    B. June
    C. August✅
    D. September
  6. What vegetable was originally purple?
    A. Potato
    B. Carrot✅
    C. Onion
    D. Cabbage
  7. How do you say "The Pizza" in French?
    A. La Pizza✅
    B. Le Pizza
    C. L'Pizza
    D. Li Pizza
  8. What fruit is most eaten in the world?
    A. Apples
    B. Bananas✅
    C. Oranges
    D. Strawberries
  9. Which country has the most tornadoes by area?
    A. USA
    B. Australia
    C. Canada
    D. United Kingdom✅
  10. What does the 'J' stand for in Donald J. Trump?
    A. James
    B. Jack
    C. John✅
    D. Joseph

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  1. Sure, here are another 40 funny trivia questions. Remember, correct answers are marked with a ✅.
  2. What color is a giraffe's tongue?
    A. Pink
    B. Blue
    C. Black✅
    D. Yellow
  3. In which year did Microsoft release Windows 95?
    A. 1994
    B. 1995✅
    C. 1996
    D. 1997
  4. Why was Google originally called "Backrub"?
    A. It aimed to relieve stress from internet users
    B. It related to checking backlink data✅
    C. Their dog liked back rubs
    D. Sounds better than "Front Rub"
  5. What do you call a group of flamingos?
    A. A flock
    B. A colony
    C. A flamboyance✅
    D. A guild
  6. Who was London's famous serial killer?
    A. Jack the Clipper
    B. Jack the Slipper
    C. Jack the Tripper
    D. Jack the Ripper✅
  7. Where would you find a car's prindle?
    A. On the wheels
    B. Behind the engine
    C. Under the car
    D. On the dashboard✅
  8. The first hockey pucks used in early outdoor hockey games were made of what?
    A. Rubber
    B. Wood
    C. Frozen cow dung✅
    D. Ice
  9. In what country were the first potatoes fried and served as French fries?
    A. America
    B. France
    C. Belgium✅
    D. Germany
  10. Which band wrote the famous song "Stairway to Heaven"?
    A. Led Zeppelin✅
    B. Queen
    C. Pink Floyd
    D. The Beatles
  1. In which city would you find people referred to as 'Liverpudlians'?
    A. Liverpool✅
    B. York
    C. London
    D. Birmingham
  2. What is the capital city of Australia?
    A. Sydney
    B. Melbourne
    C. Perth
    D. Canberra✅
  3. How many zeros are there in a googol?
    A. 100✅
    B. 1,000
    C. 10,000
    D. 1,000,000
  4. What is a dot above a lowercase 'i' or 'j' called?
    A. A pearl
    B. A dot
    C. A gem
    D. A tittle✅
  5. What’s the technical term for hashtag?
    A. Ticktag
    B. Quadnote
    C. Octothorpe✅
    D. Poundshizzle
  6. In what country would you find the world’s most ancient forest?
    A. China
    B. USA
    C. Australia✅
    D. Brazil
  7. What is Homer Simpson's middle name?
    A. Jay✅
    B. Bob
    C. Fred
    D. Carl
  8. Who has a restaurant called 'The Fat Duck'?
    A. Jamie Oliver
    B. Gordon Ramsay
    C. Nigella Lawson
    D. Heston Blumenthal✅
  9. What animal classification is a turtle?
    A. Amphibian
    B. Reptile✅
    C. Mammal
    D. Bird
  10. In what year was the first iPhone released?
    A. 2005
    B. 2006
    C. 2007✅
    D. 2008
  1. Which actor played Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
    A. Christian Bale
    B. Chris Evans
    C. Robert Downey Jr.✅
    D. Chris Hemsworth
  2. How many players are there in a rugby team?
    A. 11
    B. 12
    C. 15✅
    D. 20
  3. What is the capital of Canada?
    A. Toronto
    B. Vancouver
    C. Montreal
    D. Ottawa✅
  4. Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?
    A. Emily Bronte
    B. Virginia Woolf
    C. Jane Austen✅
    D. Harper Lee
  5. Where was the first Subway restaurant located?
    A. Los Angeles
    B. New York
    C. Las Vegas
    D. Bridgeport, Connecticut✅
  6. From which language did English borrow the word “piano”?
    A. Spanish
    B. Italian✅
    C. French
    D. German
  7. What color are aircraft black boxes?
    A. Black
    B. Orange✅
    C. Red
    D. Blue
  8. Which mammal has no vocal cords?
    A. Gorillas
    B. Giraffes✅
    C. Elephants
    D. Dolphins
  9. How did the Frisbee get its name?
    A. From Frisbee Baking Company✅
    B. The inventor's name was Frisbee
    C. It flew like a bird called "Frisbee"
    D. Random Generation
  10. What is the most common letter in the English language?
    A. A
    B. E✅
    C. I
    D. T
  1. The fear of number 13 is called?
    A. Triskaidekaphobia✅
    B. Arachnophobia
    C. Claustrophobia
    D. Agoraphobia
  2. What is the first element on the periodic table?
    A. Oxygen
    B. Carbon
    C. Nitrogen
    D. Hydrogen✅
  3. What kind of food is Monterey Jack?
    A. Fruit
    B. Vegetable
    C. Meat
    D. Cheese✅
  4. What mammal can fly?
    A. Ostrich
    B. Penguin
    C. Bat✅
    D. Squirrel
  5. What film did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for Best Director?
    A. E.T.
    B. Jaws
    C. Schindler's List✅
    D. Jurassic Park
  6. What species can live on both water and land?
    A. Amphibians✅
    B. Birds
    C. Mammals
    D. Insects
  7. What element is denoted by the chemical symbol S?
    A. Strontium
    B. Silicon
    C. Silver
    D. Sulfur✅
  8. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
    A. Mars
    B. Venus
    C. Mercury✅
    D. Saturn
  9. The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States by which country?
    A. Germany
    B. Russia
    C. France✅
    D. UK
  10. What is the capital of Spain?
    A. Barcelona
    B. Seville
    C. Madrid✅
    D. Valencia
  1. What is the official language of Brazil?
    A. Spanish
    B. English
    C. Portuguese✅
    D. French
  2. What is the national flower of Japan?
    A. Tulip
    B. Rose
    C. Chrysanthemum
    D. Cherry Blossom✅
  3. What is the world's largest ocean?
    A. Atlantic
    B. Indian
    C. Pacific✅
    D. Arctic
  4. What's the world's smallest country?
    A. Monaco
    B. Vatican City✅
    C. Malta
    D. San Marino
  5. What is a baby rabbit called?
    A. Pup
    B. Kit or Kitten✅
    C. Cub
    D. Kid
  6. Which planet spins in the opposite direction to all the others in our solar system?
    A. Mars
    B. Venus✅
    C. Jupiter
    D. Saturn
  7. What do you call a shape with five sides?
    A. Triangle
    B. Quadrilateral
    C. Hexagon
    D. Pentagon✅
  8. What bird is associated with delivering babies?
    A. Stork✅
    B. Dove
    C. Sparrow
    D. Swan
  9. Which country produces the most chocolate?
    A. Switzerland
    B. Belgium
    C. USA
    D. Ivory Coast✅
  10. Which bird has the largest wingspan?
    A. Eagle
    B. Albatross✅
    C. Vulture
    D. Flamingo
  1. What is the longest river in the world?
    A. Nile✅
    B. Amazon
    C. Mississippi
    D. Yangtze
  2. What vegetable is known to help you see in the dark?
    A. Carrot✅
    B. Sweet potato
    C. Spinach
    D. Onion
  3. Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
    A. Leonardo da Vinci
    B. Michelangelo✅
    C. Raphael
    D. Caravaggio
  4. What's the capital of Canada?
    A. Toronto
    B. Ottawa✅
    C. Vancouver
    D. Montreal
  5. What gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere?
    A. Oxygen
    B. Nitrogen
    C. Carbon dioxide✅
    D. Hydrogen
  6. Where did pizza originate?
    A. America
    B. France
    C. Italy✅
    D. Belgium
  7. Who was the oldest actor to receive an Academy Award?
    A. Jack Nicholson
    B. Christopher Plummer✅
    C. Clint Eastwood
    D. Robert De Niro
  8. What is the world's largest desert?
    A. Sahara
    B. Arabian
    C. Antarctic✅
    D. Gobi
  9. What game features the terms love, deuce, match and volley?
    A. Cricket
    B. Basketball
    C. Tennis✅
    D. Football
  10. What is the capital of Brazil?
    A. Rio de Janeiro
    B. São Paulo
    C. Brasília✅
    D. Salvador
  1. In what country would you find the Great Pyramid of Giza?
    A. Italy
    B. India
    C. Egypt✅
    D. Greece
  2. Who is known as the "Father of Geometry"?
    A. Pythagoras
    B. Euclid✅
    C. Archimedes
    D. Newton
  3. What is the smallest bone in the human body called?
    A. Hyoid Bone
    B. Stapes✅
    C. Metatarsal Bone
    D. Ulna
  4. What animated character says "What's up, doc"?
    A. Mickey Mouse
    B. Daffy Duck
    C. Donald Duck
    D. Bugs Bunny✅
  5. What is the rarest blood type?
    A. A negative
    B. B positive
    C. O positive
    D. AB negative✅
  6. What famous scientist developed the theory of relativity?
    A. Isaac Newton
    B. Nikola Tesla
    C. Thomas Edison
    D. Albert Einstein✅
  7. What is the main ingredient in Hummus?
    A. Potatoes
    B. Chickpeas✅
    C. Lentils
    D. Kidney beans
  8. In Greek mythology, who turned all that he touched into gold?
    A. Zeus
    B. Midas✅
    C. Hercules
    D. Theseus
  9. Which bird is known as a symbol of peace?
    A. Dove✅
    B. Swan
    C. Sparrow
    D. Eagle
  10. What is the most translated book in the world?
    A. The Holy Bible✅
    B. The Quran
    C. The Da Vinci Code
    D. War and Peace

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  1. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
    A. Mount Everest✅
    B. K2
    C. Mount Kilimanjaro
    D. Denali
  2. Who wrote the novel "Moby Dick"?
    A. Ernest Hemingway
    B. Mark Twain
    C. Herman Melville✅
    D. J.D. Salinger
  3. Which planet is closest to the sun?
    A. Venus
    B. Mercury✅
    C. Mars
    D. Earth
  4. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?
    A. Madame Curie✅
    B. Alice Munro
    C. Malala Yousafzai
    D. Rosalind Franklin
  5. What is the capital of New Zealand?
    A. Auckland
    B. Christchurch
    C. Wellington✅
    D. Hamilton
  6. What fruit is dried to produce raisins?
    A. Apples
    B. Grapes✅
    C. Peaches
    D. Plums
  7. What color do you get when you mix blue and yellow?
    A. Green✅
    B. Purple
    C. Brown
    D. Black
  8. Who created the character Sherlock Holmes?
    A. Mark Twain
    B. Edgar Allan Poe
    C. Charles Dickens
    D. Arthur Conan Doyle✅
  9. What is the largest continent on Earth?
    A. Africa
    B. North America
    C. Europe
    D. Asia✅
  10. Which is the longest running TV show?
    A. The Simpsons✅
    B. Friends
    C. Seinfeld
    D. Grey's Anatomy

Tutorial: How to run a Live Quiz on Facebook?

  1. Begin by logging into your LiveReacting account and heading over to the 'Studio'. If you don't possess an account yet, feel free to sign up without incurring any cost and exploit the free trial to stream your quiz.
  2. Choose from the available trivia game templates in the list.
Streaming Studio
Streaming Studio

3. If you opt for the 'Trivia game with the host', the template will initially appear empty. The right segment is dedicated to the game section while the left section reserves space for the host. To customize your game, click on the 'Trivia Game' layer located on the right sidebar.

Step 3
Step 3

4. Next up is setting up your questions. The question bank presents 24 diverse categories that span from general knowledge to more focused themes. You've got the flexibility to set the hardness level anywhere from breezy to challenging. Each game session can host up to 50 questions. You can switch to a new bunch of random questions by selecting 'Generate New Questions', or you can customize the quiz by penning down your questions and responses.

Step 4
Step 4

5. Once your questions are saved, proceed to fine-tune the visual characteristics of the game. This comprises elements like Titles, subtitles, logos, color schemes, the duration allotted to each round, among other settings. Keep in mind that you can have distinct configurations for each game screen.

Step 5
Step 5

6. For a sneak-peak of how each screen will visually appear, click on the top right corner of the trivia game element within the editing panel. This will reveal various screens such as the 'Start Screen', 'Round Screen', 'Round Results', and 'Game Result'.

Step 6
Step 6

7. Following this, establish a connection with your camera by selecting the black square and opting for Video and Audio outputs.

Step 7
Step 7

8. After fine-tuning all the settings, select an account for your live stream and commence the streaming session by hitting the 'Go Live' button. Conversely, you also have the option to preset an automatic quiz for a later time, even if you don't have a camera connected; the quiz will initiate and wrap up on its own.

Step 8
Step 8
  1. Once completed, your quiz will be live and can be accessed on your chosen platform, be it Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch (For streaming on YouTube or Twitch, make sure to connect your respective channel instead of Facebook in step 8). As your quiz continues, LiveReacting tabulates the responses from all participants, considering just the first response from each individual to ensure fair play. Moreover, the quiz does not impose any restrictions on the number of participants.
Step 9
Step 9

This is how the first round went:

Streaming Live Quiz on Facebook
Streaming Live Quiz on Facebook

We hope you've enjoyed our light-hearted foray into the chucklesome world of trivia with our 2024 edition of the "100 Funny Trivia Questions with Answers!" We've endeavored to sprinkle in a hearty dose of laughs along with nuggets of knowledge. Take these questions and host an interactive trivia session on your Facebook, stirring up some friendly competition amongst your friends or attract new followers to your business page. As a take-away, remember that good humor and a little curiosity go a long way in sparking engagement, fostering relationships, and adding a splash of fun to our everyday lives. So keep the trivia rolling, the laughter flowing, and step into your world of delightful facts until we return with the next round of grin-triggering trivia. Until then, stay curious, stay amused, and most importantly – stay happy!

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