Kahoot Alternative for Streaming a Quiz

Kahoot Alternative for Streaming a Quiz
Kahoot Alternative for Streaming a Quiz

The digital realm has seen an huge rise in online education tools, particularly those that stimulate interaction, engagement and learning, all simultaneously. You've probably heard of or even used one called Kahoot, right? It's a popular platform, known for its interactive game-based learning model which makes studying and quizzing fun. However, there are times when users may desire something different or may face constraints that the platform can't cater to. In such instances, it's always helpful to have an alternative. This article is created to suggest for you one such Kahoot alternative – LiveReacting.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online platform used in classrooms and businesses around the world for creating and sharing interactive quizzes, tests, and learning games. It's designed to enhance engagement and facilitate learning through a fun and competitive approach, allowing users to learn while they play.

LiveReacting - the Kahoot Alternative

LiveReacting is essentially a streaming studio that enables users to broadcast quizzes in a fun and engaging manner to audiences on social media, either privately or publicly. This platform offers features akin to those of Kahoot, but with some unique variances that could potentially enhance your audience's interactive learning experience and foster the growth of your brand or community.

Interactive Quizzing with LiveReacting

LiveReacting is more than just another quiz tool. This platform enables you to create and customize quizzes, add images or videos to questions, and host quizzes, all of which can significantly enhance interaction levels. You can insert your questions and answers, or even employ AI technology to generate an unlimited array of questions and answers on any specific topic. This diverse range of questions and answers establishes a comprehensive testing environment and caters to various learning styles.

Generate Quiz Questions
Generate Quiz Questions

Created to Challenge and Engage

The platform enables the addition of a quiz on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch as a live stream. This adds a fun twist and a sense of challenge to quizzing, piquing participant's interest and fostering competition while a broad audience watches. If you make your quiz public, even with just a few people engaged and regularly commenting on your quiz, your stream is more likely to be exposed to their friends and other audiences. This in turn can enhance your online presence and make your brand or community more popular.

Quiz Participants Comment Answers and Score

Quizzing Privately or Publicly

A quiz created via LiveReacting can be streamed to a limited audience or to everyone. If you decide to add a quiz to a private Facebook event, only a specific group of people will be able to join it. On the other hand, making a quiz public can help not only engage and challenge your audience but also make your business or community more visible to others.

Advanced Result Calculation

Quiz participants type their answers in the comment section of the social media platform where the stream is live. LiveReacting calculates and displays all scores in real-time, taking into account the speed of each participant's answer. The tool also provides detailed reports after each question, offering insights into individual viewer’s performance and displaying their score, name, and profile photo taken from social media. At the end of the live quiz, a summary with the winner's information is available.

Quiz Results after each round
Quiz Results after each round
Quiz Leaderboard
Quiz Leaderboard

Final Comparison

Streaming a quiz to social media via LiveReacting offers quite some benefits compared to using Kahoot. Primarily, it allows for a much larger and more diverse audience reach. Because LiveReacting can be directly linked to popular social media platforms, it allows you to tap into a larger pool of participants, compared to Kahoot, which primarily caters to classrooms or corporate settings. Moreover, LiveReacting allows real-time interaction with the audience, creating a unique, engaging, and dynamic experience. This fosters a deeper level of audience engagement and encourages participation. Additionally, LiveReacting enables customization of content, greater control over branding, and it provides useful real-time results, helping to measure audience response and participation.


The combination of interactive quizzing, a variety of questions and answers, flexible pacing, and comprehensive results, coupled with live streaming, makes LiveReacting an excellent alternative to Kahoot. In the age of online learning, it is always beneficial to understand and adapt to evolving platforms and resources that cater to your teaching and learning requirements better. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in quizzing; the best strategy is to find the right fit for both tutor and learner.

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