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LiveReacting Studio: All you need to create your custom live streams

We’re so happy to finally announce the release of LiveReacting studio! In this post, I’m going to walk you through this update so you'll get a clear picture of how to make the most out of it.

So let’s start with what LiveReacting studio is and how it is different from our good old templates. LiveReacting studio is a highly customizable editor where you can create your live videos from scratch. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to wow their audience with high-quality and uncommon live streams. Moreover, with this studio, you can edit and modify your live video in real time without republishing.

How it works

To test LiveReacting studio, go to your dashboard. We updated the left sidebar of the dashboard screen, so now you’ll see a new tab “Studio.” All our ready-to-use templates are now stored at the tab called “All templates.” After clicking on the new button, you’ll be redirected to the Studio subdomain. Let’s look at the elements of this screen.


  1. On the left-side panel we placed the most important info and links you may need during the process of video creation. This bar is floating so you can access it from any place of the studio. The higher part of this panel is all about your account; here you can always check the number of credits left. While in the lower part, we store all important links. Go to “Live Streams” section to see the list of all streams ever launched with all required information. In the “Account settings”, you can find the information about your subscription and manage your payment details.

  2. At the upper part of the front page you can see all your projects, both drafts and those you already launched. To create a new one, you just need to click on "New project" button.

  3. If you don’t want to create a video from scratch, you can use one of our templates. Just choose the template that best fits your needs, and then customize it. The template collection will be growing in the future.

Now let’s create our first video. To do this click on “New project.” I want to create a Christmas countdown as an example. My video will consist of 3 elements: video, text, and countdown. So let’s start with a video. Upload it and place where you want. If your video is with sound, you can choose the volume.


Now let’s add some text.

And the final layer is a countdown. So let’s create it.


Seems like everything looks pretty good. So let’s pass to the settings. Here we need to choose the page to stream this video to, then add title and description of the video. You can do this here or directly on Facebook. The next step is setting the duration of your stream. You can either select the end time of the video or click on “I’ll stop it manually.” In the second case, you need to decide whether it be less or longer than 4 hours. Continuous broadcasts(that are longer than 4 hours) will not generate a VOD(video on demand). Once the broadcast ends, the post will be unpublished from the timeline, which means only the broadcast owner will see it. If you are not sure about the duration, it’s better to stop it manually.

Double-check everything and then click “Save” button. After all above-mentioned steps are done, click on “Go Live” button at the top right corner. Wait for several minutes while your video is processed.

When your video is already live, you can finish it by simply clicking on “End stream.” One of the key features of our studio is that you can edit your stream right inside the studio and then synchronize it with Facebook. Here is how it works:


Congrats! We’ve successfully created our first live stream. Let’s now pass to the creative examples of how you can use the Studio.

Examples of use


Are you hosting an important event, releasing something, or just waiting for a significant holiday? Create your custom countdown timer to show your followers how much time is left till that moment.
Do you want to promote your holiday sales, upcoming promotions, or any other time-limited offers? A countdown clock will help to create a sense of urgency and boost your sales.

Hack #1: If you are not sure about the exact time left and worrying about the delay, with our studio it’s not a problem anymore. As LiveReacting studio supports real-time editing, you can simply change the date/ time and synchronize the updated version with your stream. Note, you won’t be able to edit the duration of your stream. That’s why if you doubt about the end time, it’s important to choose “I’ll stop it manually” in the video settings. In this way, you’ll avoid the situation when the stream finishes earlier than the countdown.


Hack #2: You can even create several countdown timers within one video to show how much time is left in different time zones.


Pre-recorded + countdown
It’s a popular tactiс when bloggers have a 5-10 minute countdown at the start of their stream before the actual video starts. It is a good idea as it means when the stream officially starts, the streamer already has viewers. With our real-time editing feature, you can use this tactic for your pre-recorded videos to give your viewers time to tune in.

Note: There’s a 26-second delay when you synchronize the updated video with the stream. So you need to click on “Synchronize” button before the countdown ends.


You’ve probably seen these square videos with the text on the top and button. Such videos quite often become viral. You can use this tactic for live videos and place text right inside our tool. You simply need to create 2 text layers and put them above the video layer.


That’s probably everything we had to tell you about our Studio. It’s time to see it action!

Test LiveReacting Studio

Note that Studio is now in Beta, so we’ll be happy if you contact us and share technical bags you noticed or ideas on how to make it better.