How to make money with Facebook Live Streaming?

Monetizing Facebook Live
Monetizing Facebook Live

How to make money with Facebook Live?

In-Stream Ads is a feature that allows Facebook users to earn money from their live broadcasts. When a streamer chooses to set an ad break, an audience watching the stream will see an ad of 5-15 seconds in length. Therefore, the streamer receives 55% of the revenue, while the rest goes to Facebook. These are three ad types that can be added into your live stream:

Type of ads for live streaming
Type of ads for live streaming

To set up In-Stream Ads, you need to meet the following criteria:

• Live in an in-stream ads-eligible country.
• Pass and remain compliant with Partner Monetization Policies.
• Publish from a Business Page with at least 10,000 followers.
• At least 60,000 minutes of the 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days must include minutes viewed from live videos.

Click here to access your Facebook Creator Studio and check if you meet the criteria.

Facebook eligibility check will highlight criteria with percentages so that you can see whether there's any specific area to focus on. For instance, you may need to work on your strategy to boost video views or increase the number of your subscribers. At the bottom of this article, we provide helpful tips to help reach eligibility for Facebook In-Ads.

Facebook In-Ads
Facebook In-Ads

If your Page is eligible for Facebook In-Stream Ads, here's how to get started monetizing your streams:

1) Enable In-Stream Ads for Live Streaming:

  1. Go to Creator Studio and click Monetization on the left-hand side of the menu to review your Page's In-Stream Ads for Live eligibility status
  2. If eligible, click Start Setup (you might need to complete a few tasks)
Facebook Live Monetization
Facebook Live Monetization
  1. Review the terms and conditions and then click Agree to Terms
  2. Set up your payment account
  3. Submit your Page for review

Once your application is reviewed by Facebook (5-7 days), you will be notified by email and in Creator Studio and can start using In-Stream Ads feature.

2) Once In-Streams Ads are enabled, you can choose whether you want to display ads before or during your broadcast. To manage these settings:

  1. Go to Live Producer > Stream Settings > In-Stream Ads for Live.
In-Stream Ads for Live
In-Stream Ads for Live 
  1. Click on the expand/collapse icon within the widget to access your default in-stream ads settings for your Page (this will take you to Creator Studio).
  2. Toggle on the option to include ads by default under Live Videos in Creator Studio > Monetization > In-Stream Ads > Settings.
  3. Go live.
In-stream Ads Settings
In-stream Ads Settings

Tips to make your Facebook Page Eligible for In-Ads Breaks Faster

How to increase your Facebook subscriber base

Invite FB Users to Like and Follow Your Page
Whenever you make a publication (stream/video/image or other posts), make sure to invite engaged users to like your page. To send an invite, hover over the reactions on any of your posts > separate window will pop up > hit Invite button next to every user in the list.

Invite to Like
Invite to Like

Launch a Page Likes Campaign
Create a Facebook Ads campaign and choose Promote Your Page as an Objective. Here is the list of the most affordable countries to target on Facebook:

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Thailand
  • South Africa

How to Reach Post Engagement Requirement for In-Stream Ads

According to Facebook requirements, your Page must also meet the 'views' criteria: At least 60,000 minutes of the 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days must include minutes viewed from live videos.

What are the proven ways to boost views on your live stream?

1) Add a Quiz into your live stream. This one can make your broadcast go viral and boost your view tremendously.

How does it work?

On LiveReacting, you can find many pre-made quiz templates, which you can customize in your way (you can come up with your questions and answers, colors, visuals, etc.).

Once the quiz is live, your audience sees four possible answers and chooses one by commenting with a number. At the same time, LiveReacting automatically calculates answers and shows winners for each round in real-time.

Use case:

Live Quiz Air Asia
Live Quiz Air Asia

At the end of the game, the platform automatically calculates the scores and provides a final leaderboard, taking into account the correct answers and speed. The beautiful thing is that when a FB user comments their response, their friends are more likely to view it and engage as well.

Tutorial: How to Create a Live Quiz

Add a Crossword into your stream

How does a live crossword work?

The game's main objective is to investigate a list of words supplied within the grid and find all the hidden ones.

Once a user finds and comments with the word that exists within the grid:

  • The word will get highlighted inside of the live stream
  • User's name and profile picture will appear in the list of players
  • Next to the user's name, you'll see which word the user found
Word Search Game Streaming
Word Search Game Streaming

Find out how to add a crossword into your live stream.

Add a Last Comment Game into your broadcast

How does this live contest work?

You have a timer (for example, 120 seconds), counting down and resetting after every new comment, while we show the FB name and photo of 3 last commenters. If no one comments over the last 120 seconds, the last comment wins, the game stops, and we show the winner.

Find out more about how this contest can help to generate views.

Last Comment Game
Last Comment Game

Send us a message in the live chat on our website and we'll be glad to share about other interactive elements, which you can add into your live streams to generate more views.

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