How to create a 24/7 YouTube live channel?

How to create a 24/7 YouTube live channel?

With a 24/7 live streaming, you can broadcast a single pre-recorded video on a loop or add multiple videos that play one after another. It can be various pre-recorded videos, countdowns, and trivia games that don't require your presence and can be fully automated.

You can schedule a 24/7 live stream on your YouTube channel in advance and focus on other things, as your stream will start playing automatically, switch the videos by itself and interact with the audience.

Before we jump into the tutorial, let's see while 24/7 streams are a good idea?

✅ 24/7 streams are not limited by time. And any interested user can search and find your videos at any given time.
✅ More views equal more subscribers = increased watch time.
✅ You can engage viewers in several content themes = your channel's watch time grows significantly.
✅ 24/7 live streams are a great way to promote other content on your Youtube channel. Those users who have only watched your older videos or haven't watched your content at all are more likely to visit your channel for your other videos.

Where to Start?

To start streaming, you will need:
✅ A PC to create a 24/7 stream.
✅ A software program that allows to set up continuous 24/7 streams (we'll be using LiveReacting.

How to Stream 24/7?

  1. Go to the LiveReacting Studio and click on Create a New Project
  2. Click New Layer > Video and upload your file
  3. Click on Scenes at the bottom and add another scene with another video. You can add as many scenes as you want.
  4. (Optional) You can take a break and add a customized countdown timer in between some scenes, this way, you'll create excitement for the following video, limit your special offer to increase urgency, and encourage sales. See how to set up a countdown timer.
  5. Set another scene with a video.
  6. (Optional) We decided to finalize the whole stream with an interactive Trivia Game that can also run independently without controlling it. See how to stream a customized Trivia Game.

Now, let's set the order of each Scene:

  1. Select the first scene (it will be highlighted in green) and click on a Video layer on the right sidebar. Select which scene you want to play once a video in the first scene (Cooking Part) ends playing. In our case, we selected Scene 2.
  2. Now, we select Scene 2 (highlighted in green) > Video Layer > Select which scene you want to play once this scene ends playing. We've chosen a Countdown.
  3. Continue until all your scenes are set in the desired order.

How to launch 24/7 on Youtube?

  1. Click Gear Icon and connect your Youtube channel > enter Title & Description & Duration of the stream > Save.
  2. Click Go Live to launch your stream.
    Videos in the stream will play one after another automatically, so you don't need to switch them manually.

Send us a message in the live chat on our website and we'll be glad to share about other interactive elements, which you can add into your live streams to generate more views.

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