How to get more views on Youtube Live in 2024?

How to get more views on Youtube Live in 2023?
How to get more views on Youtube Live in 2024?

Well, if you want those YouTube view counts to start climbing, you've got to learn from the pros. The good news is, with some tried-and-true tactics, you can get more eyes on your livestreams really quickly. In this article, we'll show you exactly how top YouTubers are boosting their view counts on the live streams. Whether you're a gaming channel, a talk show host, or just someone with a hobby you want to share live with the world, these examples from the pros will help skyrocket your views and build your audience in a flash.

Add a Closest Guess Game to Youtube Live

Adding interactive features to your livestream is a great way to boost engagement and views. One of the effective, but not yet popular is the Closest Guess Game.

Closest Guess Game on Youtube
Closest Guess Game on Youtube

The Basics of the Game

You'll need a prize for the winner, like a shoutout, product sample or gift card. Decide what viewers will be guessing anything from the number of jelly beans in a jar to how long it'll take you to finish a task. Announce the game at the start of your livestream and explain the rules. For example, "Guess how many pages are in this new book. The closest guess in the comments during the next 3 minutes wins a free E-book!"

A streaming software like LiveReacting offers pre-made templates for the Closest Game, monitors the comments and calculates scores. It also announces the winner on the livestream automatically, displaying their name and profile photo.

Keep it Interesting

Run the game 2-3 times per livestream to keep people engaged but not overwhelm them. Vary the types of guesses to appeal to different interests. Offer bigger prizes for special livestreams like a product launch or Q&A. This will drive more hype and participation in the game. Consider giving consolation prizes to a few runners-up as well. Promote the game ahead of time on your social media channels. Build anticipation by giving clues or hints about the guessing item or task. Your followers will be eagerly awaiting the livestream to get in on the action! With an entertaining Closest Guess Game and coveted prizes, your viewers will have a blast trying to outsmart each other. And the thrill of competition is sure to keep them watching and boost your livestream views in no time!

Here's a use case of streaming the Closest Guess on Youtube:

Collaborate With Other Youtube Creators

Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to gain more views and subscribers. When you appear on someone else's channel, their audience discovers you. And when another creator appears on your channel, your viewers find them. It's a win-win. Furthermore, you can consider partnering with YouTube influencers who specialize in your content area. This strategy can significantly enhance your visibility and subscriber growth. Analyze influencers' CPM to understand the financial impact of these collaborations, ensuring they are cost-effective and align with your budget.

Reach out to Youtube channels in your niche

Look for YouTubers with a similar audience size and content focus. Send them a friendly message introducing yourself and your channel. Let them know you're interested in collaborating and suggest some video ideas you could work on together, like:

• A "day in the life" following you both around.
• A "get ready with me" video where you chat while doing your makeup or hair.
• A Q&A where you answer questions from each other's communities.

Offer to help promote their channel to your viewers as well. Smaller creators are often open to collaborating as a way to gain more exposure.

Co-stream together

If you both stream live gameplay or reactions, try co-streaming together. Your audiences will blend, and people who enjoy one of your styles are likely to check out the other. Co-streaming is an easy way to do a spontaneous collab without much planning. Go Live Together is available on the YouTube mobile app and enables two creators to co-host a live broadcast.

Cross-promote on Social Media

Even if you don't appear together on camera, you can still support each other by shouting out channels you like on your other social platforms. For example, tweet a clip from their latest video and mention their @username. Or post an Instagram story recommending a few of their videos for your followers to check out. Little cross-promotions like this help build connections between audiences. Over time, as your audiences get to know each other, the line between communities will start to blur. Your viewers may become fans of the other creator and vice versa. Collaborating and cross-promoting with like-minded YouTubers is one of the most effective ways to gain more views and boost your channel's growth.

Add a Giveaway on Youtube Live

One of the best ways to gain more views on your Youtube Live stream is to incorporate a giveaway. Viewers love free stuff, so offering a prize related to your content or brand is a great incentive for people to tune in. For example, if you have a gaming channel, give away a new video game or gaming accessory. A makeup tutorial channel could give away a set of brushes or a gift card to their favorite beauty store. The key is to choose a prize your viewers would be genuinely excited about.

Live Giveaway on Youtube
Live Giveaway on Youtube

Promote the giveaway ahead of time on your other social channels to build anticipation. Be very clear about the rules to enter, such as commenting with a particular hashtag. You can launch a giveaway like this via LiveReacting, so when a users leaves a specific comment (which you set as a requirement), they automatically join the giveaway and their profile photo is displayed in the stream. The tool has a 'random name picker' feature built in, so you can draw a winner at any point of the Youtube Live. Using this method you can also verify the winner and contact them directly for the prize.

Using an appealing giveaway is a proven way to make your Youtube Live stream an event and gain lots of new viewers. But remember, the giveaway is a means to an end. Focus on creating valuable, engaging content and building real connections with your viewers. Do that, and your viewership will continue to grow over the long run.

Here's a use case of adding a Giveaway on Youtube Live:

Add a Crossword on Youtube Live

Adding a challenging game to your Youtube Live streams is a proven way to challenge viewers, keep them entertained, and boost views. One simple thing you can do is add a crossword puzzle related to your channel topic or brand. Here's a short overview of how to add a crossword to Youtube Live stream:

Come up with crossword clues

Think of 10-15 words or short phrases related to your brand or channel topic to use as crossword answers. Then create clues for each answer that vary in difficulty. For
example, if your channel is about movies, you could use:

  1. Blockbuster film: EPIC
  2. Spielberg thriller: JAWS
  3. "Frankly, my dear..": GONE WITH THE WIND

A mix of easy, medium, and challenging clues will appeal to viewers of all abilities.

Crossword on Youtube
Crossword on Youtube

Build the Crossword Grid

Use a crossword creator tool like LiveReacting to enter your clues and build the crossword grid. Choose a grid size, like 10x10 or 15x15, that fits all your clues and allows for intersecting words. The tool will automatically place the answers on the grid for you.

Share the Crossword with Viewers

Once your crossword is complete, play it in a live stream. Explain the clues to viewers and encourage them to call out answers in the chat. The above tool helps to calculate users' scores and defines a winner automatically. This interactive experience will boost viewer engagement and spur discussion in your live chat.

Entering clues and answers
Entering clues and answers

Offer a Prize (Optional)

For an even more engaging viewer experience, consider offering a small prize for the first person to solve the complete crossword correctly. This could be a free product sample, discount code, or shout-out on your next stream. Prizes, no matter how small, are a great way to motivate your viewers and keep them tuning in to your live streams.

Check out the detailed tutorial on how to add a Crossword on Youtube Live:

Add a Poll on Youtube Live

To add a poll to your YouTube Live stream, first make sure you have streaming software that supports the poll feature, such as Streamlabs, OBS, XSplit or LiveReacting. With the last one, you can create a poll on Youtube that works in the following way: a user sees the Youtube Poll with some answer options 👉 user types their vote in a comment section 👉 all votes are calculated and displayed in real-time.

Live Poll on Youtube

I'm sharing an example below of successful YouTubers using live polls in their stream. Live polls keep their viewers engaged for longer and give the audience a chance to shape the direction of the stream. Using this simple tool can help boost your views and turn viewers into loyal fans.


You now have some pro tips for boosting your views and building an audience on Youtube Live. It may take some experimenting to find what works for your unique content and personality, but if you stick with a consistent schedule, provide value to your viewers, and engage with your audience, you'll gain more followers over time. Remember, Youtube Live is a social platform, so make real connections, have fun with it, and be authentic. With practice, your livestreams will become more natural and your loyal fans will tune in to see you. Keep at it and soon you'll be well on your way to becoming a Youtube Live pro yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Got questions? Need help streaming on Youtube? Contact us in the live chat on our website, and we'll assist you as soon as possible!

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